Rust Restoration

Rust stains are one of the hardest to remove on your own. No one wants to ever see rust on their property. Rust makes a house or a commercial building look old and worn, hurting its overall curb appeal and immensely affecting its value. Fortunately, professional rust restoration in Leander is now affordable with Total Pressure Washing.

Total Pressure Rust Restoration

How does rust develop?

Rust forms on metals when exposed to water, air, and humidity. Exterior walls, sidings, driveways, and outdoor equipment are constantly exposed to these elements, so it's common for these surfaces to develop rust.

Rust doesn't just grow on metal, but that's where it's most likely to show up. Rust stains can also build up where concrete meets metal, on patios with rusted patio furniture, and along your home's walkways and fence

Why Should You Get Rid of Rust on Your Property?

Getting rid of surface rust is more than just for looks. Rust stains indicate how bad the corrosion has gotten. When you see them staining and leaking out of the concrete, the damage is bad enough that it has started to spread from the inside structure to the surface.

Painting or putting a concrete patch over a rust infestation will never solve the problem. It’s like a bandaid solution that only temporarily solves your rust problem.
As the steel rusts, its size gets bigger. This increase in size could be as much as ten times the original size. It means that the steel volume has gone up, but the strength of the structure has gone down. This increase in size happens in a small area. So, it puts pressure on the brick, cement, stone, or terracotta fixed to the steel. Over time, this increased pressure can cause the exterior brickwork, terracotta, or stonework to crack and fall off.

Total Pressure Washing can help keep rust from forming on your personal or commercial property

If you see rust growing inside the walls, it's crucial that you take care of it as soon as possible. Getting rid of rust and treating rust stains is a chemical process that requires expert cleaners, knowledge, and tools. You will want professionals to do this job for you.

Total Pressure Washing has been power washing in Leander since 2018. We've been in the business long enough to know how to effectively and safely remove rust stains. We'll work with you to find where the moisture is coming from, fix it, and then do all the work needed to get rid of the rust on the structure itself. With our knowledge and experience, we can bring your home or business building back to its former glory.

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Total Pressure Washing is a company that provides services such as rust restoration and pressure washing in Leander and the surrounding areas. We also offer roof and house washing in Leander. We use the latest commercial-grade tools and methods for rust removal to give you the perfect results you deserve. When you choose us, we can provide long-term solutions to keep your building maintained for years to come.

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